A Johnson County man recently won big money with a Missouri Lottery Scratchers ticket!

James Harris, of Leeton, saw that he won a $100,000  prize on his Missouri Lottery “50X The Cash” Scratchers ticket, and he says that he didn’t second-guess it.

“I knew what I was seeing the second I saw the prize,” said Harris, who has previously won two $10,000 Missouri Lottery prizes.

The Leeton man's six-figure prize came at the end of a winning streak with Scratchers tickets he purchased from Country Market, located at 410 East. Young Avenue, in Warrensburg.

“I had a $500 winner to cash, so I got cash and one $30 ticket out of that,” explained Harris. “I won my $30 back on that and bought three $10 tickets. I lost, won and lost on them, so I went back in the store to have this one scanned and gave the clerk who sold me the ticket a tip.”

Harris and his wife, Kellie,went to the Lottery’s office in Kansas City, to claim their prize, on March 8th. The couple says they are looking forward to paying bills with the $100,000 prize.

The Harris couple claimed one of 16 $100,000 second-tier prizes available in the $10 “50X The Cash” Scratchers game.

During fiscal year 2016, Johnson County residents won more than $3.5 million in Missouri Lottery prizes.


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