The Kansas City Royals made a big splash towards the end of last week by teasing a uniform change. Yet, the reveal left the actual unveiling a little underwhelming.

When I first saw the tease I got excited. Then I wondered what they'd actually be changing or debuting. The reality is the Royals have always had pretty good-looking, classy, uniforms. I mean really, what could the team do to actually improve on them?

I tried to think about what they could change and I had a hard time coming up with any changes they could make. I figured they could add a completely new alternate uniform. And maybe add powder blue pants to the alternate powder blue shirt. Or come up with a variation on the powder blue jersey for road games.

In reality, the most noticeable changes the Royals made to their uniforms were changing the script on their road gray uniforms and adding a road alternative uniform. As for the rest of the uniforms, the tweaks will be mostly unnoticeable to the average fan.

Here are the changes:

  • White Home Uniforms: Only change is to the royal piping on the sleeve.
Jason Hanna / Kansas City Royals
  • Road Gray Uniforms: The chest script of the words Kansas City have been ditched in favor of block arched letters, reminiscent of what the team wore on the powder blue road uniforms of the late '70s and early '80s.  Removal of white piping on sleeves and around name and number.
Jason Hanna / Kansas City Royals
  • Powder Blue Home Alternates: No piping on the Royals script on the chest, numbers on the front changed from blue to white with no piping.
Jason Hanna / Kansas City Royals
  • Then there was the reveal of the brand new road alternate jersey: It's royal blue with the same chest script of the words Kansas City they're using on the road gray jerseys. There's no white piping on the name or numbers on this uniform either. There is some white piping on the sleeves.
Jason Hanna / Kansas City Royals

So what do I think? I think I know why the Royals kind of sort of did a tease, but it came out of nowhere and was hyped half-heartedly. The changes don't really warrant the hype. And even the major change to the road alternate jersey doesn't warrant the hype.

I think the home and powder blue jerseys look fine. But the new road gray and road alternate jerseys just seem uninspired. I like the return of the late '70s inspired arch block letters. But they just seem to be missing something. And the "A" split between the two sides of the buttons doesn't work all that well either. It's not that they're bad, just not exciting.

They're reminiscent of the old Boston Red Sox road jerseys prior to 2011 which seem devoid of pizzaz. Which they've changed. I'd prefer they go for the Yankees road uniform look. Both the Yankees classic road grays, and the updated Red Sox road grays have a little more to them. And that's what the Royals road and road alternate jerseys need.

All that said I'll probably try and get the powder blue alternate, and either the road gray or royal blue alternate. I've collected Royals road jerseys since my Mom bought me my first one in 1979. The powder blue V-neck with a similar Kansas City wordmark. My Mom wasn't sure I'd be a Royals fan but thought I'd wear a shirt with the city of my birth on it.

Turns out my Royals fandom has lasted a lifetime and has only been stoked by the team's 2014 and 2015 successes and now living in Royals country.

I do hope they at least fix the "A". That's the least they can do.

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