KANSAS CITY, Mo., (September 3, 2014) — Today, KCP&L awarded a grant to Sedalia Middle School as part of the KCP&L Energizing Our Environment Micro-Grant Program. This program is designed to help fund environmental projects in communities throughout KCP&L’s service region. The grants range from $500 to $3,000 and will provide nonprofit organizations an opportunity to improve the environment in their communities in a meaningful way.

“Our micro-grant program will impact thousands of lives and help improve our region,” said Elizabeth Danforth, KCP&L Director Public Affairs. “We are excited to partner with Sedalia Middle School on its project because we share a commitment to educating children on the environment.”

Sedalia Middle School will use the grant to purchase an aquaponics system, which is designed to educate students on ecosystem relationships. Students will be able to experience plant growth firsthand with the aquaponics system in their classroom. Additionally, students will have the ability to stay after school or help during the school day with continuous observation and reflection over the process of aquaponics.

KCP&L received almost 150 applications for projects ranging from river cleanups to recycling programs to solar panel installations. Of those applications, KCP&L awarded almost $35,000 in grants to nonprofits throughout Kansas and Missouri.

For more information on KCP&L’s Energizing Our Environment Micro-Grant Program, please visit kcpl.com/energize.

(courtesy of KCP&L)