I was very fortunate to help represent Sedalia at Whiteman AFB for Sedalia Day. We had over 60 Sedalians representing the town, from the mayor and city council and other city heads.

We were treated to lunch at the officers club. Before lunch was served we had a presentation about Camp Valor from Jonathan Ferro. It is an camp were wounded warriors can go with their families and regain their sense of worth with outdoor activities, from hunting, fishing and just relaxing by a campfire. They were established in 2012. They sit on a 50-acre hunting paradise. There also ATV trails. The hunting includes deer, turkey and pheasant hunts. You can find out more and help by looking them up on Facebook and can also be found on the web. We were also informed that Whiteman was glad Sedalia is there sister city.

The first place we visited was the weather control room just north of the control tower. Unlike the National Weather Service, they have to be 100% sure of the weather at least within a five-mile radius of Whiteman. You are able to check out storms in a 3D visual. Plus, they said they stay in contact with the Stealth from cradle to grave. They do not pass contact off to anyone else.

Next, we moved to the control tower. I was looking forward to seeing the view from up there, and what a view it had! As you looked out the tower, you are looking at a runway a little over two miles long. If you have been to Whiteman, you also know that lining the runway are the hangers of the Stealth Bombers. There is also all of the equipment that keeps everyone in touch with each other from the pilots, tower, weather control room and the recon room.

The next building we went to was the Recon Room, which is the air traffic control room. It's a very dark room with several scopes going showing where all planes are in the air.

Our last destination was with 509th Security Forces. We were treated here on seeing some of the big guns. We were allowed to handle them and ask questions about them. While here we were also treated with a demonstration with Budda, one of their K-9 dogs. They showed Budda bring a subject down with his brute force.

It made for quite a day. So we loaded back in bus and headed home. The weather couldn't have been any better for taking a tour of Whiteman Air Force Base.

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