It is strange on Labor Day to switch the channels and not see the Jerry Lewis or MDA Telethon. The MDA announced earlier this year that the telethon would end.  I remember as a kid watching it in the early morning hours where they actually had some of the best entertainment.

I can remember Jerry and Ed McMahon hoping to get one more dollar than the year before. They usually exceeded it by more than that. For it's time there was no better variety of entertainment from rock to country, comedy to talent up on the stage. One year I recall getting the chance to interview Billy Gilman, who is more remembered for being the boy who sang 'One Voice' and he loved talking about what happened on and off stage during the telethon as an MDA ambassador

While I realize Jerry hasn't been with the show for 5 years now, but I guess so much for traditions. I did see fire departments out with the boot blocks, so at least that is still going strong.

I can only hope those with MDA are doing better with funding and health if the telethon isn't needed.


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