Street Department workers will have lanes restricted on Tuesday, Sept. 17 in the area around Winchester Ave. and West 10th Street as stop signs and other new traffic control devices are installed making the intersection an “All Way Stop."

Periodic lane restrictions will occur as roadway surfaces are marked and painted and signs are installed. Drivers are advised to expect delays due to equipment and men working in the roadway and should consider alternative routes to avoid delays.

Drivers travelling along Winchester Avenue beginning Sept. 17 will be required to stop at the intersection of Winchester Avenue and W. 10th Street.

Beacons 400 feet from the Winchester intersection are being modified to identify the intersection as a “Stop Ahead."

These warning signs provide drivers on Winchester a reminder that all drivers should remain vigilant as they approach the “All Way Stop” intersection. Drivers should slow as they prepare to stop. Wait times are expected to occur during peak travel times. The speed limit in the area remains at 25 miles per hour.

Other roadway improvements include roadway markings advising of the “STOP AHEAD” that are being painted on both Winchester Avenue and W. 10th St. approximately 400 ft. in advance of the intersection and a roadway marking advising of the “STOP” just before the white stop line at the intersection.

As an additional safety measure, the City will be installing LED Solar Blinker Stop signs in all directions at the intersection. These LED Blinker Stop signs are highly visible and allow for the Stop signs to be seen in foggy or snowy conditions.

For questions, please contact the Public Works Department at (660) 827-3000, ext. 1166.

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