This lottery winner threw her fortune down the toilet.


A 63-year-old woman in Germany who won the lottery flushed about $547,000 down the toilet after she got drunk on five bottles of champagne in what has to be the most extreme example of alcohol making somebody do something stupid.

It seems Angela Maier had won the money just a few days beforehand, prompting the nursing home that cared for her husband prior to his death to issue her a bill.

When she read the letter, she grew furious, downed the champagne and then tore up the money, which she flushed away.

After all was said and done, Maier settled the case with the home for $5,500. It's not known if Maier has been able to reclaim the money, since lawyers argued it would be hard to prove that she made up this story.

Why exactly Maier was keeping more than half a million dollars in cash in her house remains unclear.

Maybe next time she can ask to be paid in Bitcoin and not have to worry about clogging.

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