Here in our area, we're always looking for new, fun and inventive ways to entertain ourselves.  After awhile, the movies, video games and even sporting events can get a bit old.  It's good every now and then to try something new. The Lyceum Theater not only has something new, but something very fun as well! 


I got to talk with Quinn Gresham, Artistic Director at the Lyceum Theater of Arrow Rock.  He told me all about a new show they're doing, The Nerd.  It's a great comedy about a put upon architect surrounded by demands, and I think we can all empathize with that one.  Not only is this a well-known and loved show, this is professional theater right here in our area.  So you'll see a great show, and you'll do it without the expense of a big trip to the city.

Here's my talk with Quinn for the details!

You can visit them on the web at their website, or call them up at (660) 837-3311. Don't miss The Nerd, July 27 through August 3!

Nerdily yours,