President Richard Nixon proclaimed January 1970 as the first National Blood Donor Month on December 31, 1969, as requested by Senate Joint Resolution 154, to pay tribute to voluntary blood donors and encourage new donors to join.

Who knew Nixon and I had something so simple in common? I've actually been giving blood whenever I can for... geez. Probably about twelve or thirteen years. I do it at least once a year, most of the time it's at least a couple of times. I remember the first time I went. It was at a local church.  I think actually doing it was something that really opened my eyes to how helpful it is.

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Your blood donation can save up to three lives because they'll often take the blood and divide it into three aspects: the platelets, the plasma, and the actual blood cells.  All it takes is about an hour of your time.  Just think of all the accident reports Randy reads on the air every day.  You could help save a life of a neighbor, a co-worker or even your own family by doing this small thing.

So please attend the Community Blood Center Drive from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Monday, January 30th at the First Christian Church, 200 South Limit Avenue, right here in Sedalia.  The CBC will supply what you donate to BRHC, so it'll go to local people right here in Sedalia. It's super simple and easy to book an appointment whenever you have time. I'll even give you the link.  Donors can book their appointment at (Group Code SD) or by contacting Marge at 660-827-2200 or email

Plateletly yours,

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