On Tuesday, Sedalia Mayor Stephen J. Galliher vetoed Ordinance 10567, which was approved by the City Council at the February 27 City Council meeting, which agreed to future funding of over $312,000 from the City’s CIP fund by approving and accepting a state block grant agreement between the City of Sedalia and the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.

The agreement would allow the Sedalia Regional Airport to proceed with a runway 5/23 study, airport layout plan update and environmental assessment for runway improvements.

Mayor Galliher said he vetoed the ordinance because he doesn't believe the ordinance is a fiscally responsible expenditure of taxpayer dollars at this time.

The Mayor advised Airport Director John Evans of his decision this morning, saying he had just learned that the project may not be brought forward until four to five years from now. It is possible that the City Council may have another opportunity to fund this project in the future.”

Evans told KSIS he wasn't shocked by the veto.

“The crosswind runway is not used a lot. And right now, with money tight, we don't need to be spending the citizens of Sedalia's money, because it would end up costing about $200,000 for a $2 million project. We can wait 'til further down the road; if tax money gets good, thren we can do it. And that is not our number one priority,” Evans said on Wednesday.

“In fact, when they called me yesterday and asked me about it, I said, 'I don't have a problem with it, let's just delay iti,'” Evans said.

A budget public hearing will be held at the March 6 City Council meeting. Final budget approval is scheduled for March 20.

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