On Thursday, the Sedalia City Council approved and accepted a state block grant agreement with the FAA and the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for design of a box hangar at the Sedalia Regional Airport.

An Airport Improvement Program grant of over $77,000 with local matching funds of $8,570 will be used to design the hangar.

Mayor Pro Tem Andrew Dawson led the five-minute meeting, which started promptly at 5:15 p.m.

The vote was seven yes with no negative votes.

Councilwoman Rhiannon Foster was late to the meeting because of work and missed the vote by about one minute. She said on Friday morning she would have voted yes as well.

On Sept. 8, a contract with H.W. Lochner for design services for a 65-by-65-foot hangar at the airport was approved.

The design is required to be coordinated with MoDOT for approval in order to utilize federal grant money, which can be used to pay for design work.

A hangar such as the one proposed, will give the City more flexibility in providing storage space for larger aircraft than the current hangars can handle. Annual inspections can also take place in the bigger hangar.

The project consultant cost is $85,700, while the grand total project amount is estimated at $580,000.

The special Council meeting was followed by a three-hour open house for Sedalia residents to give their input on comprehensive planning for the future.

PGAV Planners, LLC, was in charge of the open house, which allowed residents to come and go as they please, and offer their opinions on several topics, which will be posted later on sedalia2040.com.

In the top photo: Sedalia Mayor Pro Tem Andrew Dawson led a five-minute special meeting Thursday at the Sedalia Municipal Building, 2nd and Osage.

Below: Sedalia residents interact with PGAV representatives during an open house held Thursday evening at the Sedalia Municipal Building.

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