Last Friday (March 28), the '80s were back at Dukes & Boots in Sedalia as Members Only took the stage. Billed as the nation's premiere '80s tribute band, they didn't disappoint.

The crowd was full of energy, and hearing all their '80s favorites got them even more excited. If it was a hit song between 1980-1989, chances are it was played that night as Members Only blasted out great renditions of everything from Michael Jackson to Rick Springfield to Journey to AC/DC.

What really makes Members Only so fun isn't the music though: it's everything else. Fog machine, laser light show and great costumes. The group looks like '80s rock threw up all over them. Big hair, bandannas, no sleeves, leopard print, and shredded jeans. Dukes & Boots bartender Bill McDowell even got in on the '80s action with a pretty sweet headband and double polo popped collar.

Check out all the pictures below!

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