It's no surprise that we, the fine folks of West Central Missouri, enjoy our country way of life. Most of our lives involve the country lifestyle. Whether it's farming, hunting, fishing or just being outdoors. So when the work is over and you want to have a good time, which local country bar do you prefer? 

I could sit here and tell you about all the great things each bar has to offer, but I will spare you the time. If it's your favorite bar, you obviously have a reason for why you go to that particular establishment.

The three country bars in the area that everyone seems to talk about the most around here are Dukes & Boots in Sedalia, Mustang Sallyz Saloon in Marshall and The Hitchin' Post in Knob Noster.

Vote for your favorite local country bar here and feel free to leave a comment below telling us why it's your favorite.


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