As many of you know, every morning I usually tell you what National Holiday it is.  Sometimes they are silly and ridiculous, other times they hit home.  If it is National Margarita Day, that is one that we would want to celebrate, as an example.  Well not that long ago, it was National Pet Day. We love our pets. National Dog Day happens to be August 26th.  For all of you who love dogs (we don't deserve dogs, we really don't) this holiday is EVERY day.  But if you want to go to a place where you can enjoy food and beer, and play with some cute puppies, I think a road trip to Springfield Missouri should be on your To-Do list.

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The place is called Bark Yard.  This is a place that is a restaurant and bar and it is dog friendly.  According to their website:

Bark Yard is a unique gathering place for dogs and dog people. Features include an off-leash dog park which sits on 3+ acres of beautiful green space with mature trees and walking trails as well as a bar patio serving a full menu of food, beer, and wine. Additionally, Bark Yard offers dog daycare and boarding services 7 days a week.

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My boss Rob is a big dog lover, and a few of my friends also have dogs that they take just about everywhere.  One of them is planning a trip to Germany and will have to board his pooch for at least a week.  That is just one of the services that this place offers.

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They have services including daycare and boarding, and there are passes available.  I suspect it would be like a season pass to an amusement park or a pool, where if you use enough times in a time period, it will be worth the cost.


They have a decent sized menu, for a place that you would not think would focus as much on the grub served.  For a link to the menu click HERE.  Some of the foods are seen below.

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Little snacks, nothing too heavy.  The cold cut platter looks really tasty.  Would pair nicely with wine.

attachment-Bark Yard 5

And if you have a sweet tooth, this funnel cake option looks delicious.

attachment-Bark Yard 3

As you can see, there are plenty of options for outdoor dining where you can bring your canine friends and get some fresh air, relax, and have quality time with Man's Best Friend.

For the record, there are plenty of dog friendly treats that you can pick up when you are there so that you can keep your pooches happy.  Lots of outdoor activities for your pet to run around in.

attachment-Bark Yard 7

There is an upcoming event that they are putting on in a few weeks and you can get that info below


If you own a dog, that loves to be around other people, and other dogs as well, I think this place might be worth the drive.  Lots to offer, and as we all know, a happy dog is really wonderful and will make the world a better place.

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