We don't want to encourage drunkenness or any kind of outrageous behavior, but we have news we think you should know. National Beer Day is April 7. Until today I had never heard of National Beer Day. Apparently it is April 7 every year. If that's the case, then National Beer Day 2018 is extra special because it falls on Saturday (again, don't do anything that might get you in trouble and/or arrested).

If you look in the phone book (yes, they still print those) under "bars," you'll find zero listings. You actually have to look under "restaurants" to find a directory. Whatever. In the restaurants category, there are hundreds of listings. Google also doesn't narrow it down very much. A search for "bars Sedalia Mo" results in 561,000 results. So we'll stick with the phone book. Sedalia has everything from Mexican restaurants to BBQ joints and corner bars. Not all of these places have beer on tap, but many of them do. If a friend unexpectedly wanted you to meet up for a beer, where is it that you would want to go?

Below are a few local bars. We obviously can't list hundreds of restaurants, or 561,000 Google results (whatever all of those are), but this will give you some ideas on some of the places that might be your favorite. If you don't see your favorite, please write them in! Happy National Beer Day. Have fun, but drink responsibly.

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