A group of committee chairman from the Salute to Veterans Corporation went into the city council meeting in Jefferson City with high hopes, and emerged with some great news.

Their proposal was to move the Memorial Day airshow that the corporation hosts each year to the Jefferson City Memorial Airport. The airshow has historically been held at the Columbia Regional Airport. Council members voted unanimously to approve the request, and are excited to welcome the Salute to Veterans volunteers to the Missouri capital city for the 2019 show. Airport manager Ron Craft was also in attendance at the meeting.

The Jefferson City Memorial Airport is no stranger to Salute to Veterans, having supported them for years as a shuttle bus location for event attendees to park at and be transported to the Columbia Regional Airport in order to see the free show.

The board of Salute to Veterans made the decision to pursue Jefferson City as their 2019 home after discovering that the Columbia Regional Airport was scheduled for some heavy construction during the time of the annual airshow. The added safety risks and cost associated with this prompted the organization to find other options.

Mary Posner, Chair of Salute to Veterans, spoke to Mayor Carrie Tergin and other council members in attendance about the corporation’s extreme gratefulness to the city for coming to the rescue of the show.

“You have literally saved us” she said. Being able to host the show in Jefferson City will allow the organization to continue their mission unchecked of honoring and remembering the veterans and active duty members of the Armed Services and their allies.

Show organizers are encouraging long-time airshow attendees to mark their calendars now to attend what promises to be the same high quality, free show they are used to getting in Columbia, just with an all new location in Jefferson City.

Stay tuned to the organization’s website (salute.org) and Facebook page for the latest information and updates. Additional details about the free airshow - which will be open to the public on May 25-26 of next year - will be disclosed as the event nears.

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