If you ever watched School House Rock as a child you may be familiar with the song, "I'm Just A Bill".  If you do remember that tune, then you know a bill can become law.  As of Sunday Aug 28th, the state of Missouri will have 5 new bills that have now become laws and have taken affect.  Here is a list as to what they are:

HB 1878 - Voter ID

Are you registered to vote? This midterm election may be the most voted on mid-term in this country's history.  You will need to have a valid ID and will need to show it to cast your vote.  Previously, registered voters could head to the polls with an ID card, a current utility bill, a paycheck or other documentation with their name and address to cast a vote.  You will need a Missouri State ID or Drivers License with your current address and expiration date.

SB 775 - 'Explicit Book Ban/Child Trafficking 

Books containing “explicit sexual material” are now illegal in public and private schools. There are limited exceptions for books considered artistic or informational in nature. May need to inquire at your schools for more info.  The book ban is also tied in to the attempt to curb child trafficking.  A statewide council will collect date on child trafficking is also a part of the act.

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SB 681/662 - School Bus Changes

The definition of a 'School Bus' is now a bit different.  It includes vehicles that carry more than 10 passengers, though it also enables school districts to use vehicles aside from traditional buses to get children to school.

HB 1725 - Lodging Lookouts

Ever lose something in a hotel or a place where you spent the night?  Lodging establishments are not liable for the loss of certain items, including cash or jewelry, unless the guest asks the venue to place their belongings in a safe and the lodging establishment refuses or omits to do so. Hotels can now use a safe deposit box or a safe behind the desk.

HB2162 - Opioid Addiction Treatment

The director of the Department of Health and Senior Services, if a licensed physician, could issue a statewide standing order, or contract with a licensed physician to issue such an order, for an addiction mitigation medication.

There are many other laws going into effect, with topics ranging from crimes, funding and background checks. You can click HERE for a link that will give you more info on the 5 above, and 8 others you may want to know about.

A few of these will certainly affect all of us, so give them the read so you can be informed.

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