The Missouri State Highway Patrol took to Facebook earlier this week to warn the public of a new scam using a familiar tactic that's making the rounds.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says they have been receiving calls from the public about scammers posing as a member of the highway patrol, calling individuals, and claiming the individuals have a warrant out for their arrest. To make the scam seem more "real" the scammers are using apps that show a Troop Headquarters phone number.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says they will never call if there is a warrant out for your arrest, and they will not ask for payment over the phone. Additionally, the MSHP says you should never give your personal banking information to anyone over the phone.

Here are some common signs, someone may be trying to separate you from your hard-earned money on the phone:

  • Unsolicited calls from unfamiliar numbers that claim to be from a government agency, a well-known company, or a technical support provider.
  • High-pressure tactics, which demand immediate payments, threats of arrest, or legal action.
  • Requests for your Social Security number, or banking or credit card information.
  • Callers who don't give you time to think and insist you take immediate action.
  • Unusual requests for payment, such as wire transfers, or using a pre-paid gift card or debit card.
  • Callers who won't give you a callback number, or refuse to provide written information.
  • Suspicious or phony-sounding phone numbers or email addresses.

The bottom line, no state, municipal, or federal agency is going to call you and ask for some type of payment over the phone. No law enforcement agency is going to tip you off to your warrant and give you an opportunity to get out of it by paying it off with gift cards over the phone. Never give your personal information to anyone that has called you unexpectedly.

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