Missouri is moving ahead with plans to execute a man next week despite concerns about the coronavirus that have prompted other states to postpone lethal injections.

Walter Barton is scheduled to die Tuesday for fatally stabbing 81-year-old trailer park operator Gladys Kuehler in 1991 in the town of Ozark.

Authorities say Kuehler was beaten, sexually assaulted and stabbed more than 50 times. Investigators say they think Barton went to Kuehler's home to borrow $20 and ended up killing her.

An expert retained by Barton's attorney believes blood stains on Barton's shirt happened after Barton and others found the victim, not from the crime.

Barton's attorney says three jurors have expressed misgivings based on the new blood splatter evidence.

Barton was convicted in 1994, but he ended up having five trials after two convictions were overturned, including a hung jury at one of them.

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