A Missouri woman who was raped in front of her 2-year-old daughter several months before prosecutors say her two assailants abducted and sexually assaulted a Kansas sheriff's deputy says police seemed to doubt her when she sought their help.

During a hearing Thursday in which one of the men, 41-year-old William Luth, pleaded guilty to raping her, the Independence, Missouri, woman told the court that the officers who investigated the February 2016 attack in her home "made it abundantly clear that they were pretty sure I was just being dramatic," The Kansas City Star reported.

No suspects were identified in that attack until Luth and Brady Newman-Caddell were arrested for the October 2016 sexual assault of the Johnson County, Kansas, sheriff's deputy and authorities say DNA evidence linked them to the earlier attack.

The Missouri woman said from the outset, the Independence police seemed to doubt her story that she was raped in the same bed as her toddler. She said they asked her about her past sexual partners and pored over her social media history and phone contacts.

"They made me feel insane," she told the court.

She also said it made her sick when she found out that Luth had raped another woman. "I owed this woman so much gratitude for being strong enough to endure what they had done, and to have the courage to seek justice," she said. "Without her, I wouldn't be here facing William Luth today."

She said her case was solved because she underwent a rape examination and "forensic scientists did their job," and that she hasn't received an apology or acknowledgement from the police department even though her account was proven true. She said at least with Luth, she gets an admission of guilt, which she described as proof that "I was telling the truth."

Officer John Syme, an Independence police spokesman, didn't immediately respond to an Associated Press phone message Friday seeking comment.

Both Luth and Newman-Caddell pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping the deputy, with Luth getting sentenced to 41 years in prison in that case and 30 years for the Missouri attack, to be served at the same time.

Newman-Caddell was scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday in attack on the deputy, but the hearing was called off when he told the judge he wanted to withdraw his guilty plea. The charges against him in the Missouri attack are still pending.

The Star and the AP don't generally identify victims of sex crimes.

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