There have been many who have visited the Missouri State Fair and commented about the tigers that are on display as part of the Amazing Rainforest Experience. Many voiced concerns on the Missouri State Fair Facebook page that the tigers do not look fully nourished and brought it to the attention of the Missouri State Fair.
The Missouri State Fair issued a comment about this last night, via Facebook.

The Missouri State Fair is the showplace for animal agriculture for the state. In accordance with the State Fair’s Animal Care policy, all animals and livestock shown, housed or displayed, shall receive care that is healthful and consistent with accepted husbandry practices and the rules and regulations set forth by the Missouri State Fair. This policy applies to animals in entertainment acts, such as the Amazing Rainforest Experience, as well. The Missouri Department of Agriculture state veterinarians monitor the tigers twice per day. These practices reflect the care and concern that Missourians have for livestock, poultry, companion animals and wildlife