The University of Missouri Extension in Cass County is offering an 8 session “Parenting the Second Time Around (PASTA)” webinar series beginning April 20, 2020 online via zoom. 

Raising your grandchildren or children other than your own? This class is for you. PASTA is a parenting program designed for relative caregivers who are not the biological parents of the children in their care. PASTA provides grandparents and other kinship caregivers with information, skills, and resources designed to   enhance their ability to provide effective care for the young relatives they are parenting. PASTA includes topics such as child development, discipline and guidance, caring for oneself as a caregiver, rebuilding a family, living with teens, legal issues, and advocacy.  Continuing education hours available for foster families.

Participants will register and pay the $40.00 fee for the class in return they will be emailed a password protected link and handouts every Monday from April 20, 2020 through June 8, 2020 of a pre-recorded session of the workshop from the instructor. Participants can watch the link at any time that is convenient to them within a two week time frame, then the link will expire. These links can be viewed on any computer or smartphone with internet access.  Participants can register by phone with the Cass County Office at 816-380-8460 or online at


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