The police department in Moberly, Missouri has a great sense of humor. Several months back they made a hilarious Facebook post that got thousands of likes and shares after they reminded residents that if they "absolutely must sell illegal drugs in our lobby, please request an officer to assist you with your transaction." Now they're weighing in on Pokémon Go, and by the looks of things, they're having some fun while doing it!

"We want to make sure gamers are alert at all times and are staying aware of their surroundings," said Moberly Police on Facebook. "We ask that you are respectful to property owners and utilize sidewalks while attempting to catch your Pokémon." The department also recommends players use the buddy system.

By the way, it turns out that Squirtle is the most-searched-for Pokémon in Missouri, according to Decluttr, a site that put together a list of the top Pokémon searches for all fifty states. In Kansas, it's Pikachu. Vaporean is the top Pokemon in Iowa, the Charizard is popular in Arkansas, and in Illinois most players are searching for Eevee.

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