Kansas City police are releasing more details about two officer-involved shootings that occurred within an hour of each other last week, leaving three people dead.

In a statement released Wednesday, police said they fatally shot Ashley Simonetti, 28, after she rushed police with a 27-inch steel sword. The shooting occurred after officers saw Simonetti, also known as Ashley Fulkerson, walking down the street with a sword toward a daycare center.

Police said she tried unsuccessfully to enter several homes before breaking into a house where no one was home. She stayed inside the home and a nearby garage for nearly two hours while officers tried several nonlethal methods to get her to surrender. Eventually, Simonetti left the garage and "ran toward officers with a sword," the statement said. Officers then shot and killed Simonetti.

She died at the scene. No one else was injured.

About an hour later, officers received a report of two men fighting at the Barney Allis Plaza in downtown Kansas City. According to police, that incident began when Timothy Mosley, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was thrown out of a nearby Marriott Hotel for causing a disturbance. He allegedly then walked into the plaza and used a handgun to steal personal property and a golf cart from a uniformed security guard, who escaped.

Officers were then notified that Mosley was fighting with Robert White, 38, a homeless man. The two men had several intermittent altercations, and when they stopped Mosley walked around the plaza yelling and holding the weapon in the air, police said.

Shortly after officers arrived, the men began fighting again. They were struggling and physically intertwined when Mosley pointed the gun at officers, who fired, hitting both men, police said. Both men died at the scene.

Police said they are still investigating why the men were fighting, why White stayed at the scene between altercations and whether the two men had met before.

Timothy Mosley's mother, Nella Mosley, said the police statement was confusing and disturbing, The Kansas City Star reported .

"They say he robbed a security guard? Why would he steal a golf cart?" she said. "I don't believe Timothy pointed a gun at anyone. Until I see a video of him putting a gun on police, I won't believe it."

Kansas City police generally don't wear body cameras and the only video seen publicly was taken by a witness and doesn't show the men when police shot at them.

After releasing the statement, Kansas City police declined to answer further questions about the shootings.

"These were outcomes no one wanted," police said in the statement, released by police spokesman Capt. Lionel Colón. "Our community deserves to know what happens whenever police use lethal force, but investigators also need time to gather evidence and statements to conduct a thorough investigation."

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