If you don't lock your doors regularly, here's another reason to click that deadbolt. WDAF-TV says a naked man broke into two homes in Columbia early Saturday Morning.

In both cases residents woke up. In once case the naked man was under the bed. In the other next to bed. When the residents woke up the man fled. Interim Columbia Police Chief Geoff Jones told WDAF-TV that women were in both of the bedrooms but he didn't know if they were alone.

Both homes this man entered were unlocked, and police told WDAF they believe he tried to enter other homes. So a simple solution to keep from being surprised by the naked creeper is to lock your home up before going to bed.

In this case it looks like locks will keep this creeper out. While locking your door may not deter a professional theif from gaining entry to your home. It certainly will slow them down and should definitely be part of the protocol of keeping your home safe. If you'd like to learn more about how to make your home safer, the National Crime Prevention council has some tips here.

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