Colonel Sandra K. Karsten, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, would like to make the public aware of the following:

April 9-15, 2017, marks National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. This event honors the thousands of men and women throughout the United States who respond to emergency calls for assistance, dispatch emergency professionals and equipment, and render life-saving, pre-arrival instructions to citizens of our great nation.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is proud to join in recognizing the dedication of our Patrol communications personnel as well as other public safety communications professionals throughout our state. We commend you on your tireless efforts to support field responders and provide critical services within the state of Missouri.

In 1937 the Missouri Legislature approved plans to create various troop locations and radio stations around the state. It further approved the hire of sufficient radio personnel to man these stations. Fifteen radio personnel were ready by the time the buildings were up and operational to begin the task of providing communications.

Today, the Patrol’s business lines, highway emergency lines, and radio systems are manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week by 153 communications operators and telecommunicators spread among our nine troop locations.

These professionals are the first contact for citizens of Missouri, and those traveling through our state, who need routine or emergency services provided by the Patrol. These dedicated men and women also operate the crucial radio communications network for troopers, commercial vehicle enforcement, and specialist operations responding to highway emergencies.

During natural disasters or other catastrophic events they, along with 25 radio technicians and eight communications technical and operations managers, form a statewide communications backbone necessary for effective emergency operations.

“I want to publicly express my gratitude to all public safety communications personnel,” said Col. Karsten. “They are an integral part of every law enforcement agency. I also want to commend the Patrol’s communications personnel for their professionalism. Every day, our communications employees exemplify our agency’s core values and strengthen the Patrol’s tradition of excellence.”

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