As construction for the new Kansas City International Airport continues, there's going to be some impacts getting into and out of the airport. Especially if you're picking someone up or dropping off at the curb. With Terminal A now demolished and construction starting on the new terminal and parking garage, there will be some lane reductions into and out of the terminal areas.

The entrance and exit bridges to and from terminals B and C are being reduced to one lane, however, all lanes in the terminal circle will remain open. This is to facilitate the building of the new parking garage. Eventually two roundabouts will be established for vehicle access to terminals B and C.

"The roundabouts are slated to open in mid-2020. The New Terminal and garage will extend from the former Terminal A site to the KCI Airport Police building near the air traffic control tower. Construction will eventually require closure of the western side (front end) of International Circle, which links the terminals. In mid-2020 inbound Cookingham Drive traffic will be diverted across the median into the eastern side (far end) of International Circle. Two-way traffic will be established on International Circle to Terminal C then to Terminal B. Roundabouts will feed traffic into and out of the two terminals. Full-depth repairs on the lanes of eastern International Circle occurred in May to improve the surface prior to directional changes."

Bluntly, it sounds like getting into and out of KCI for the foreseeable future might just be a little bit of a hassle. That said, I've traveled through some airports serving cities the size of Kansas City. The newer ones, like Indianapolis, are easy to navigate. have plenty of amenities for passengers, and just make the process of flying a little less of a hassle. Unfortunately, getting that new airport, usually involves some inconvenience and headaches.

You can learn more about the road work at the airport here.

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