As a veteran, I did not like the idea of the rally at the courthouse on Saturday (Oct. 12) turning into a Republican event that took every opportunity it could to bash the President of the United States. Some veterans believe they speak for all veterans when they speak out against the president, but some of us have our own ideas of where the blame lies.

I believe there is plenty of blame to go around in the current problems, and much of it comes from patrician politics and people on both sides being more worried about getting re-elected than they do about doing the job they were elected for. I don’t expect anyone to change their objections to the present situation, and I have no problem with them expressing their opinions, but don’t spin the politics in one direction and say it is truth.

I have every confidence as a veteran that both parties respect what our service members have done for our country and will do the right thing. If you have lost faith in our country and don't believe in our leaders, that is your problem.  Don't stand in front of the flag and assume you speak for all of us who served.

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