Many of you have probably been to Oceans Of Fun in Kansas City.  If you have not, Oceans of Fun is the Kansas City waterpark offering more than 60 acres of summer fun for the whole family. You can enjoy the wet and wild times on extreme water slides like the record-breaking Riptide Raceway, the largest mat racing waterslide in the world, or make a splash in the kid-friendly Splash Island.

They were in the news not that long ago for an unfortunate reason.  A 6-year old child named Adeline Stewart was found unresponsive at Coconut Cove on July 5. She died a week later.  If you work in a waterpark it is hard to keep track of every child.  This was a tragedy, and Oceans of Fun is taking some steps to make sure this may not happen again.

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Oceans of Fun will now require life jackets for patrons at Coconut Cove who are less than 5 feet tall.

Cedar Fair, which operates Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, said Monday that as part of a safety update, it has changed the height requirement at Coconut Cove, increasing the height requirement for people needing life jackets to 60 inches.

Obviously this is a terrific idea.  Anything that can be done to keep kids a bit safer and still allow them to have a lot of fun should be done.  If you are interested in going there this summer you can click HERE.  It will give you info on ticket prices, rides, etc.  Have fun and be safe.

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