The Old Fashioned Fourth of July happened at Centennial Park, even with the 100 degree temps. Families and friends enjoyed the parade in Downtown Sedalia where it's estimated 300 people watched the forty entries go down Ohio Street. The picnic happened at Centennial Park where over 700 hot dogs were served up by various volunteers under the leadership of Terry Cockrell.

Cockrell was pleased with the turnout, even with the high temperatures, "We served over 700 hot dogs today in a two hour span and kids had fun in the games they played."

A lot of the games such as kick the ball, red rover, frisbee and catch were played by a bunch of the kids. All these games were a throwback to the old days of simple games on family picnics, at one time even a ball landed in a tree. Several kids, tried throwing other balls to loosen the branches, to make it fall, but in the end one young child was hoisted up by a parent up the tree to get it down. I guess climbing trees is a lost art, but there was lots of supervision when the kid made it and brought the balls down.

In the end, it was a successful event even with the heat. Many left around 1 p.m. with the high heat, but they all left with a smile on their face and full of hot dogs, chips, popcorn and a drink. A good ole fashioned Fourth of July!