You know, it's always so inspiring to see the kids of Pettis County out there taking initiative and getting good things going out there.

I have worked a bit with The Food Bank in the past, and so I'm well aware that there are many, many people here in Pettis County and surrounding areas that are dealing with hunger and food insecurity every day.  It's a lot more than you'd realize, actually.

And usually we adults are the ones who are supposed to open our wallets and donate, or grab a few more items from the store when we make a trip.  We're the ones that are supposed to be fixing these problems, right?

Well, turns out the Pettis County 4-H club decided to take matters into their own hands.  They worked with Feeding Missouri and MO Farmer's care and donated 814 pounds of food and $300 to the Open Door Service Center here in Sedalia.  814 pounds.  A literal ton of food is 2000 pounds.  They donated almost half a ton!!

Open Door Service Center

I can't imagine all the work it must have taken to get that much donated.  And it probably took a lot of time and coordination from the adults, too!

Open Door Service Center

Anyway, I just thought it was such a sweet, altruistic thing to do.  It's people looking out for other people, or in this instance, kids looking after kids!

If you want to join the fight against hunger, you can always donate to The Open Door or you can call them at 827-1613 and ask how you can help. Sometimes if you can't make a donation, a couple hours volunteering can help.

Congratulations and Thank You, Pettis County 4-H!

Openly yours,


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