Throughout time the prevention of communicable diseases has been a primary focus of public health. From the prevention of cholera by removing the pump handle on the Broad Street well to investigating the source of food which has caused outbreaks of E. coli, public health officials at federal, state and local levels have worked hard to identify and stop the spread of communicable diseases. In Pettis County, Health Center staff responds to all reportable communicable diseases of residents in the county.  In addition, we use data from our community partners to identify illness trends that are developing in the county, state or nation and notify health care providers through health alerts so disease transmission can be slowed and stopped.

The staff of the Pettis County Health Center also works with children and adults to share information on how to prevent illness such as good handwashing, being careful when the weather is very hot or cold, keeping up with immunizations and encouraging people to stay home when they are ill.  Education is an important part of the work of public health professionals.

Preventing communicable diseases and other illness will help to move Pettis County to meet the goal of Healthy Pettis County 2030: A Strong Community.

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