Last Saturday (Nov. 2), there was an event in the Historic Convention Hall in Sedalia, that must have gladdened the heart of every child, parent or grandparent lucky enough to attend. The event featured model trains wall to wall in the gymnasium of the old building.

If there is a person young or old with a pulse who does not love trains, I have never met them. On Saturday, boys and girls along with parents and grandparents crowded around tables watching trains, large gauge and small, as they circled model villages, snowy mountains, traveled over bridges and through tunnels, as their stacks emitted smoke to the delight of every child or child at heart.

There were also tables with items for sale to those who needed to either start their own railroad or add to their collection.  Outside, kids and grownups alike rode the little train called the “Liberty Flyer” operated by the Sunrise Optimist Club.

This was the first ever “Sedalia Rails Train Show,” sponsored by the Pettis County Historical Society. For all of us who had one of those model train sets or wanted one when we were kids, and can still smell the ozone from that little electric engine as it made its way around the track, we can only hope it isn’t the last.

Speaking for kids 7 to 75 thanks to the Pettis County Historical Society for the memories.