With Spring right around the corner, Pettis County is in dire need of some precipitation.

We've all heard that 'April Showers Bring May Flowers'. Well, dry January's and February's bring you...cracks in the ground? If you remember last year we had an abundance of rain throughout the Fall and Winter months. This year not so much. This Winter has been very mild with little precipitation; Consequently, it appears to be the beginning stages of a drought

According to Sedalia-Pettis County Emergency Management Agency Director, Dave Clippert, Pettis County is currently in a D1 Moderate Drought. With little precipitation the main concern at the moment is the high fire risk in the area. Clippert states, "Although there haven’t been any burn bans issued, you still must use caution if planning any open burning. If you have to stop and think if you should burn, then you probably shouldn’t."

Clippert says, "A moderate drought is not normally cause for much concern at this point in the year, if it continues into the next 2 months it will affect planting and other rain dependent activities." 

Luckily, there's chances of precipitation in the forecast for Sunday through Tuesday. 

California's Central Valley Heavily Impacted By Severe Drought
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