The Pettis County Commission issued a press release Monday morning concerning solid waste management regulations:

"On April 10th, 2024, the Circuit Court of Moniteau County, Missouri issued an order upholding Pettis County Commission Order 01-2022 #1841, Establishment of Solid Waste Management Regulations, which regulates the storage, collection, transportation, processing, and disposal of solid wastes in Pettis County.

The decision is an important victory in the pending lawsuit in that the Court found that the ordinance is in substantial conformity with state law and the solid waste management regulations established by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, with only a minor exception noted. The Court’s decision applies to the order generally but did not determine whether any portion of the order is valid as applied to the proposed landfills in Pettis County.

The Pettis County Commission engaged in a meticulous process to draft and implement rules aimed at managing solid waste effectively within the county. The ordinance reflects a comprehensive approach to waste management, encompassing environmental considerations, public health concerns, and community well-being.

This decision underscores the importance of local governments' ability to enact regulations tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of their communities. The Pettis County Commission remains committed to fostering responsible stewardship of the County and safeguarding the well-being of its residents.

Moving forward, the Commission will continue to work diligently to address any outstanding concerns and uphold the highest standards of waste management practices in Pettis County."

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