Commencing on Friday, February 15, 2019 at 7:00 AM and will continue until 7:00 AM, February 16, 2019.

The City of Warrensburg Public Works Department is declaring a PHASE I, SNOW EMERGENCY due to the National Weather Service forecast for snow in excess 4” inches and very windy conditions. In an effort to provide safer streets and keep traffic moving during this heavy snow event, the City of Warrensburg Public Works Department will enact the Snow Emergency Phase I which prohibits parking on designated Snow Routes in the City of Warrensburg.

The Snow Emergency Routes are as follows: 
Gay St. from Water to Ridgeview; South St. from Main to Maguire; Grover from Holden to Mitchell; Clark St. from Holden to Mitchell; Houx St. from Washington to Holden; Washington from Business 50 to Houx; Warren from Business 50 to Hunt; Holden from Grover to Hale Lake Road; Holden from Cleveland to Gay; College from Business 50 to South; Mitchell from Gay to DD Highway; Burkarth from Gay to Business 50; Ridgeview from Gay to Montserrat; Clark from Main to Springridge Road; Springridge Road from Clark to Timberline Drive; Warren St. from Business 50 to Russell; Russell from Warren to Maguire; and Ridgeview from Corporate to railroad tracks.

(Note: Phase I Emergency Snow Ordinance Streets) 
First Priority: Snow Emergency Routes. These streets are kept clear at all times by plowing and application of deicing materials throughout the storm.
Parking is prohibited on these routes when snow exceeds 2 inches.
Other east/west, north/south streets and thoroughfares are plowed as time permits during the duration of snow removal operations. Widening of the driving lanes (plowing to the curb) will take place after the storm in order to help direct runoff into the storm drainage system.

Residents and Property owners are further advised that City Ordinance 20-2 requires that sidewalks be cleared for pedestrian safety.

Any questions or concerns please contact the Public Works office at 660-262-4661

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