About 4,100 people who live in Warrensburg or the Warrensburg Area were without power this afternoon, Wednesday April 8.

According to the Evergy Outage Map the power outage was first reported at 3:35PM CDT. Johnson County, Missouri E-911 posted on their Facebook page that a "substation at Pine St and Warren St has blown."

Evergy originally estimated that power would be restored by 5:15PM, however, they updated the restoration time to 6:45PM CDT on their outage map. Affected businesses according to citizen reports on community related Facebook pages included Walmart, the University of Central Missouri Campus, Dairy Queen and Casey's.

Power restoration for many of Evergy's affected customers began at about 6:30PM this evening. At 6:45PM CDT Evergy only had four customers in the Warrensburg area without power according to their outage map. You can report an outage to Evergy anytime and see their outage map at Evergy.com.




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