Flu season will once again be here before you know it. Now we're not talking about the coronavirus. we're talking about the stuff that hits as we get closer to the end of autumn into the winter months. You can always tell when flu season is close as it’s often marked by the offers of free flu shots in neighborhood pharmacies and stores across the country.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the flu virus can remain viable on surfaces for up to 48 hours. Cleaning surfaces and objects that are frequently touched minimizes the likelihood of contacting the flu virus when you touch an infected surface.

The good folks at SERVEPRO sent me a list of things from the CDC to do to help stop the spreading of the flu virus:

1. Get vaccinated. The CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccination as the first and most important protection against this serious virus.
2. Thoroughly wash your hands (20 seconds or more with soap and water) or sanitize them frequently throughout the day, even if you are not infected, to help protect yourself and others.
3. Beware of frequently touched surfaces, like handrails and doorknobs. Keep them clean at home using a bleach and water solution and clean your hands as soon as possible if you must touch them in public.

There is no such thing as a foolproof flu protection plan, but frequent hand-washing and conscientious cleaning practices at home, work, and in the community are precautions everyone can practice to help keep them and their loved ones healthy.

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