The Pettis County Health Center has opened up preregistration for the COVID-19 vaccination.

Pettis County residents can go to the Pettis County Health Center's website to get the form to preregister. Residents will need to have Adobe Reader on their phone or computer to click through to the form. Once clicked through there's a typical health form with a variety of boxes.

The form asks for some information so they know who you are and how they can contact you, where you work, who your primary care physician is. And a few non invasive health questions, which I assume the Health Center will use to put you in the correct vaccination group.

Residents are asked to fill the top portion of the form out and then downloaded or print it. Once downloaded it can be emailed to the Health Center, and if printed it can be faxed, mailed or dropped off to the Pettis County Health Center.

As part of the Pettis County vaccination plan if you have a primary care physician with the Bothwell or Katy Trail group, your form will be forwarded to them. Additionally some employers in the area may be participating in on-site vaccine clinics.

Right now this is preregistration for the vaccine. Registrants will be contacted to schedule or receive an appointment when Pettis County Health Center has received and is distributing the vaccine.

The State of Missouri is currently in Phase 1A of their vaccine distribution which is for patient facing healthcare workers and those who work or live in a long term care facility. The next phase, Phase 1B, will vaccinate high risk individuals 18-64, seniors 65, first responders and essential workers. You can learn more about Missouri's vaccine distribution plan along with answers to common questions about the COVID-19 vaccination here.

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