I had to chuckle a little at the story KMBC posted about the convicted murderer who is arguing that he served his life sentence after briefly dying and being brought back to life.

Benjamin Schreiber is serving a life sentence in Iowa for first degree murder. In 2015 he developed large kidney stones that lead to septic poisoning and wound up at a hospital where he needed to be resuscitated five times. According to KMBC he's arguing when he momentarily died he fulfilled his life sentence.

I must tell you, that seems like something you'd see on a show like "Law and Order" or read in the Onion. Yet, it's true. And I think there's some logic there. Fuzzy logic. But I didn't immediately dismiss the idea that the guy fulfilled his life sentence.

Of course Schreiber's motion was denied. Twice. Once by a district court, then the Iowa Court of Appeals. According to the TV station, Judge Amanda Potterfield wrote "Schreiber is either alive, in which case he must remain in prison, or he is dead, in which case this appeal is moot."

So justice is served, and in my mind this proves there is a fate worse than death.


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