Four SFCC Technology Welding students were recently offered a hands-on learning opportunity.

Logan Deal (Knob Noster), Lillie Davidson (Leeton), Levi Phoenix (Warrensburg), and Mason Barnett (Marceline), along with Welding Technology Instructor and Program Coordinator Seth Stucker, traveled to the municipal power plant in Ames, Iowa.

The plant experienced a fourteen-day boiler shutdown, and the students helped inconel overlay on water wall tubes at the facility.

The students were paid and received real-world supervised experience with a well-known company.

“It brought a hands-on learning opportunity outside of a classroom; they learned invaluable skills and experience that would have been taught to recreate in a lab,” said Stucker.

The opportunity is part of a partnership that hopes to bring similar opportunities to future students once established.

“This won’t just bring hands-on experience; it will also bring networking opportunities, and students will be able to add this experience to their resumes, showing that these students are career-ready,” said Stucker.

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SFCC’s welding program includes instruction and hands-on experience in welding labs. American Welding Society-certified instructors will train you in oxy/acetylene welding and cutting, shielded metal arc welding (stick), gas metal arc welding (mig), flux cored arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding (tig), and plasma arc cutting. To learn more:
In the photo: SFCC Welding Students Gain Real-World Experience at Ames Municipal Power Plant

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