A Jefferson City movie theater is under fire after a publicity stunt for the opening of 'Iron Man 3' resulted in 911 calls and a police response to an "active shooter situation."

According to ABC-17 News, Police received calls about a man wearing assault gear and carrying a rifle and a handgun walking into the Goodrich Capital 8 Theaters in Jefferson City last weekend.  The man wearing the assault gear turned out to be an actor promoting the opening of the movie, and the weapons were fake.  However, that didn't stop theatergoers from calling 911 to report the gunman.

Theater manager Bob Wilkins says that the "publicity stunt" was planned months in advance and defended their decision, claiming that the safety and security of theater guests is his top priority, and that although some guests were rattled by the stunt, hundreds were entertained.

In the wake of recent shootings and a national discussion concerning gun violence, many people are questioning the theater's logic.  Others pointed out that the situation could have turned deadly had an off-duty officer been in the theater at the time of the stunt.

Do you think the theater owes their customers an apology, or was it all just harmless fun?