Sedalia's Public Works employees have been busy improving alleyways this week, using material from the milling of Clinton Road and other recent projects.

According to Mayor Andrew Dawson, crews milled Clinton Road last week from Grand to 32nd and the material is now being used to lay down three inches on certain alleyways in need of repair.

Crews were working on one such alley near 9th and Wagner Wednesday morning, working their way west.

Original plans called for Clinton Road to be paved this week in the overnight hours, but Mayor Dawson said that the asphalt plant indicated it would not be able to do that this week, so the alley project was put in motion.

Milling on Clinton was completed ahead of schedule, and will hopefully resume at the start of next week.

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Crews were using the City's old laydown machine this week for the alley work. “They repurposed it just for this,” Mayor Dawson said while visiting the area near 9th and Wagner.

“They've got all the old millings that were collected from the Clinton Road project, Main Street project and Highway 50 (underpass) project, and now they're coming in and putting those millings down in the alleyways,” the mayor said.

“It will end up forming a semi-hard surface. With the gravel, you get the ruts and washouts, and things like that, whereas this is going to be a semi-hard surface, where we don't have that movement of material like we normally do,” he explained. “So we have a little recycling going on here.”

Mayor Dawson said that Justin Bray, manager of the City's Street Operations and Maintenance Division, is working on the worst alleys in each Ward of Sedalia. The Third Ward, where crews were working Wednesday, is reportedly where the most complaints originated.

Alley Work

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