Sedalia City Council agreed to purchase a new computer server Tuesday night for the city's composting operation.

At its regular meeting at the Municipal Building, 2nd and Osage, Council approved a $12,400 bid from Engineered Compost Systems of Seattle Washington, to replace specialized computer equipment used to monitor the composting operations at the city's site at 27882 Route U south of Sedalia.

The precise monitoring and aeration control is necessary to remain in compliance with regulatory and permit requirements when truing bio-solids into compost, it was noted.

The process has been a successful one, according to City Administrator Kelvin Shaw. Previously, the City had to pay to get rid of the sewer sludge and tree debris. Since the process was implemented, the cost for waste disposal is greatly reduced and also provides a beneficial product to Sedalia residents, he said.

The current computer system is nearing the end of its useful life, he noted, adding that it is in a tough environment.

The new server is housed in an industrial electrical enclosure, and includes a surge suppressor, power back-up and redundant memory. The operating system will be updated to the latest version.

The cost includes installation of the new system by an ECS rep, as well as on-site quality control, testing and training.

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