A resolution to paint the City of Sedalia's logo on both sides of the west water tower unanimously failed Monday night during a vote of City Council.

A deal was struck with the Sedalia Lions Clubs last year to partner with the City to paint the “Let's Cross Paths” logo twice on the west water tower if the club raised $40,000 with matching funds dedicated from the City.

The club has done that, raising more than the amount needed by partnering with other civic organizations and private donors.

The issue now is whether to paint the entire tower, which was last painted 19 years ago, or just the “bowl” or not at all before the new logos are painted on the tower, located at 1401 Tower Road, next to the new Rea Funeral Chapel on West 16th Street.

There was never any discussion about applying the logos to the much older, original downtown water tower, it should be noted.

Included in the request for proposals (RFP), the City asked for bid alternatives to include repainting the entire tower, painting just the bowl or just the logos with no new paint.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

The lowest bid was from Viking Painting, LLC, (La Vista, Nebraska) for $23,000 to apply only the two logo wrap decals, or $116,630 to repaint the bowl and then apply the logo wrap decals, or $321,630 to repaint the entire tower and then the two logo wrap decals.

A total of five bids were received. All were out of state except for one company, which came in second.

Staff recommended repainting the bowl and then the logos, and increasing the budget by $36,630.

It was noted that the City would need to repaint the bowl at some future point anyway, and the money raised more than covers that option.

First Ward Councilman Jack Robinson and Fourth Ward Councilman Steve Bloess spoke out against the proposal.

"It's hardly an emergency," Robinson said of the attempt to amend and increase the City's budget. He added that when the deal was first agreed upon, the amount dedicated by the City would be $40,000. "And now it's $116,000 ... I think it ought to be a budget item next year."

However, Councilman Bloess agreed with Councilman Robinson. "That's Water Department money that could be used elsewhere," he said.

When a voice vote was taken of the full Council, all voted it down and the resolution failed.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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