When Blake Grupe nailed that field goal to give the New Orleans Saints a pre-season victory over the Chiefs, the moment wasn't lost on Chiefs broadcaster Mitch Holthus who made sure the Sedalia native got some props for his fans in town. It wasn't lost on another Smith-Cotton alum working the game either.

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Sedalia School District 200 shared a post from alumnus Austin Wood on their Facebook page on Tuesday evening, August 15. Wood just happens to be a cameraman for the Chiefs who was working the game. Chiefs photographer Steve Sanders helped Grupe and Wood connect after the game for a photo.

Yet it's what Wood shared in the content of his post that's important. Here's what he wrote.

"This is just a constant reminder to all you kids in Sedalia that it doesn’t matter where you come from, you can achieve whatever you set your eyes on. For me, it’s pointing a camera at the Chiefs, and for Blake, it’s bombing footballs down field. Appreciate you meeting me on the field, brother!!"

The message is clear. If you have a dream and apply yourself and become the best you can be at something, there's a very good chance you can achieve it. From Grupe, it's playing in the NFL. For Wood, it's being a photographer for the Kansas City Chiefs.

I'm living proof of this too. I sort of fell into radio in college, and once I cracked the mic I was sold. I walked into the radio station just looking to get some required credits out of the way and found my passion. It's not always easy, but I kept working at it. I'm sure it wasn't for Grupe or Wood either yet we've all made it.

Sacrifice and hard work do pay off and dreams can come true. Just ask any one of the three of us.

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