Four students from Smith-Cotton High School’s HOSA Chapter won first place in the statewide HOSA Anatomage Tournament.

HOSA is a student organization for students interested in the medical field. Jeffthan
Glaster, Samantha Hagedorn, Calvin Brewer and Jacelyn Lancaster will represent the
state of Missouri at the National Anatomage Tournament in Las Vegas in June.

More than 40 teams from across the state competed March 25-26 using an Anatomage Table to demonstrate their knowledge of anatomical structures. Anatomage Tables allow students to use a life-size digital representation of the human body, allowing the visualization, manipulation, and virtual dissection of complex anatomical structures, using detailed 3D

S-C HOSA Chapter Advisor Anna Singer said, “It was exciting to see students so engaged in this hands-on type of competition and to see them experience their hard work paying off."

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In the photo: Smith-Cotton High HOSA students, from left, Jacelyn Lancaster, Jeffthan Glaster, Samantha Hagedorn and Calvin Brewer, compete in the statewide HOSA Anatomage Tournament, where they captured first place.

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