The Sacred Heart Swim Team competed against Battle, Rock Bridge, Hickman, Father Tolton, Marshall,  Warrensburg and Smith-Cotton in their first swim meet on Tuesday.

SH took 5th out of  12 teams in the Medley Relay, with Maia Smith doing the backstroke,  Allie Ferguson doing the breast stroke,  Arly Ponce doing the butterfly and Kate Carney doing freestyle.

SH took 3rd out of 15 teams in the freestyle relay, with Allie Ferguson, Maia Smith, Kate Carney and Arly Ponce.

Arly Ponce took 2nd, Kate Carney took 4th,  Allie Ferguson 12th,  Maia Smith 19th,  and Kelsey Hudson 37th out of 51 on the 50 freestyle sprint.

Arly Ponce took 2nd out of 23 on the 100 breast stroke.

Kate Carney took 4th out of 38 on the 100 freestyle.

Allie Ferguson took 5th out of 22 on the 100 backstroke.
“Sacred Heart definitely showed they can compete at our first meet,” said coach Patti Hegger. “Big night for Sacred Heart in the pool.”

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