SHS Kindergarteners beat the cold January weather with a sight word snowball fight. Students wrote sight words on paper before crumpling them into "snowballs."

Sacred Heart School

At the command of their teacher, Mrs. Jeannine Dove, the snowballs were launched. When students were asked to freeze, they picked up two snowballs and found a partner. Students read the sight word on each snowball to their partner.

"The snowball fight was the perfect opportunity on a cold day to give the students practice reading sight words," said Dove. "Students thought they were just having fun, but they were really increasing their reading fluency."

Dove said that sight words make up 50-75% of the words in any children's text. So reading these words with ease allows a child to gain confidence in their reading ability and it frees up their energy to tackle more difficult words.

"During the first semester the students mastered letter sounds and how to blend sounds together to read words," she said. Now the students are putting words together to read and write sentences. This is an exciting time in the kindergarten year where children's reading skills simple 'snowball' and they become readers."

PICTURED: Aspen Carl and Kale McCollester buddy up to unveil the sight words on their snowballs following the class snowball battle.

PICTURED: Snowballs are flying as high as the kindergarten spirit as students scramble throughout the classroom to dodge, collect and toss snowballs.

Sacred Heart School