The Sacred Heart Junior High Soccer Team played in the Sacred Heart Invitational Tournament this past weekend.

Marshall, Smithton, and Cole Camp participated in the tournament as well.

On Friday night, Sacred Heart played against Cole Camp and finished with a 5-1 win.
Saturday morning they played Smithton and finished that game with a 4-3 win. They then played Marshall and lost that game 8-0.

"Sacred Heart ended up taking second place in the tournament after Marshall.
The team played with intensity and the drive to win. They had fun and worked well together. The communication and encouragement on the field shows great teamwork and positivity from the team.

"Majority of the players are participating in soccer for the first time this year. With great leadership by our captains and returning players, a strong team bond has been developed and everyone works together to build up each player on the team.

"This weekend showed the power of teamwork and dedication because this team looked like they have been playing together for much longer than a few weeks. The team is excited for the rest of their games this season," commented Elyse Starke.

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